Stunning Rustic Wood Signs Home Decor Ideas 47
Stunning Rustic Wood Signs Home Decor Ideas 47

48 Stunning Rustic Wood Signs Home Decor Ideas

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No one knows who made the first wooden sign or when. Was it in prehistoric times? Of course when we use the word “prehistoric” it actually means we do not know. All we do know is they have been around since we did start actually writing down historic events. It is rumored that Michelangelo did wooden signs for local pubs to earn extra money while he was painting the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo did enjoy a good brew after a long day painting in the chapel.

These signs continue to stay popular today throughout the world. Today’s wooden signs are made of high quality materials that are durable and can last a lifetime without the need for regular maintenance. They do not rust like metal signs and bulbs do not burn out like neon signs. These signs usually cost considerable less then signs made of other materials.

Wooden signs are popular decorating items for both home and business. Whether you are looking for that rustic, modern, western or old European charm, it can be found in a wooden sign. They can be made for both interior and exterior and are crafted with different natural woods and stained in many different colors.

Custom handmade signs make excellent gifts. They are handcrafted and can be personalized just about anyway you would like. When trying to find a unique gift for someone, there are huge collections of unique gifts to choose from. Wood signs have become more popular because of their unique features and they can be customized for a fraction of the cost compared to other handmade items.

For the shopper that does not have the time to special order a sign there are hundreds of printed designs with unique sayings for just about everyone. There are special signs for the golfer, the hunter, the man cave. You can find them for the kitchen, the bathroom, the den, the game room and virtually any other room in the house. Wood signs are perfect addition to any home wanting a little more decorating flair.