Brilliant Dorm Bathroom Decorating Ideas 41
Brilliant Dorm Bathroom Decorating Ideas 41

50 Brilliant Dorm Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Decorating your bathroom can be fun with the right ideas. If you have an original style and a great eye for design then put those qualities together and get busy decorating. For those of you that have a knack for taking simple everyday objects and finding something even bigger and better to do with them then here is where you will find some great ideas to run parallel with your already out of the box thoughts. For those of you that aren’t too good with decorating and you need some inspiration to allow you to think outside of the box look no further, your idea companion is here.

Mirrors are an average everyday part of life. You use them to primp yourself and get clean and proper for the day ahead and the day that has just passed. Mirrors are found in just about every human’s bathroom. They are located everywhere, on the walls, the medicine cabinet above the toilet.

You can be sure that when you step into someone’s bathroom you are sure to find a mirror. What about a mirror on the ceiling? You’ve heard of mirrors on the ceilings in bedrooms, well what’s wrong with one in the bathroom? If you have a luxury bath that’s even better for those romantic nights. If you’re a lover at heart you can see why a mirror can be inhibiting yet unique. If you aren’t too much of a lover but you just want to be unique then a mirror on the ceiling will definitely turn heads.

Have you ever been in the bath and thought “I could go for a drink right now.” The water’s warm, the mirrors are fogging up and it’s comfortable yet dry and you don’t feel like hopping out of your relaxing bath to go to the kitchen and get a drink. Well if you invest in a mini refrigerator you won’t have to move.

College kids have them all the time in their dorms and some men have them in their so to speak “man caves” so why not have one next to or close enough to your bath or shower where drinks are ready at any time but you won’t have to worry about getting electrocuted.