Magnificient Lush Green Velvet Sofas Ideas In Cozy Living Room 31
Magnificient Lush Green Velvet Sofas Ideas In Cozy Living Room 31

47 Magnificient Lush Green Velvet Sofas Ideas In Cozy Living Room

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I recently wanted to update our old sofas as every so often I get the urge to have a new look in my house, as many of us do. I get tired of looking at the same old sofas and the chunky tables that were so appealing a few years ago now do little to inspire me. However, with a wedding coming up and the uncertainty of recent times, I really could not afford a new sofa. Well, I could afford a sofa perhaps, but not this particular one I want. It is a beautiful velvet in olive green, really comfy looking and beautiful too, but a cool £1200.

I thought of getting one on credit, but only for a split second. I was also feeling a little guilty as the sofas we have apart from being just so slightly faded and gnawed a tiny little bit by my dear sister in laws beloved cats, are really in perfect condition. Structurally they are sound.

And so my boyfriend, soon to be husband, suggested – he occasionally will get flashes of brilliant ideas- that we dye the sofas we have. I thought that was a great idea, and to be honest was a bit miffed that I had not thought of that myself. I like to think of myself as the creative one of the two of us, you see. Big problem though, the last time I came in to contact with dye is a good 15 years ago, doing tie and dye in my art class, a class that I dropped as soon as I was allowed to.

So I ended up on good old Google and then on to my friend Amazon. I found a dye called Dylon, and being too impatient to wait for the couple day’s delivery from Amazon hot footed it to the local hobby craft store. I packet cost about £6 and you need a packet of salt for about £.85 for every wash. I used 1 packet for 2 small sized cushion covers just to give you an idea, but the instructions do say how much one should use for a certain weight in fabric.

The dye comes complete with instructions; you clean the covers, put the dye in the drum, then the covers back and run on a 40ocycle then another cycle with detergent. I was dying a dull red/brownish to a more brilliant red and it came out beautifully.

I even became adventurous and changed a navy blue sofa to a beautiful green, amazon green they call it. I had to use pre dye to strip the original colour, and then dye it to the desired one.