Modern Exquisite Gray Rooms From The Ad Archives 45
Modern Exquisite Gray Rooms From The Ad Archives 45

50 Modern Exquisite Gray Rooms From The Ad Archives

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A small bedroom can look extremely elegant when kept in a very pale gray combined with lots of off-white. These hues will create a light transparency in the room which can be augmented by using glass or transparent furniture.

The feel for such a room could be lightness, transparency, minimalism, calmness. An added theme could be placing the luxurious with simplicity. Pale gray is a neutral color and it enhances structures and surfaces beautifully: shimmering, silky textiles look superb when combined with rough linen; placing an exquisite silver vase full of white roses next to some decorative stones; a mother of pearl shell placed on an old pewter dish.

A rhythm of gray and white can be repeated throughout the small bedroom: the walls can be painted in a light gray; ceiling, doors and window frames in off-white. Bed linen can be in off-white with gray trimmings or the other way round, gray with white accents. Textiles with plaids, stripes or florals look extremely refined when kept in gray and off-white. Because gray is very relaxing for the eye and neutral in its appearance, mixing and matching patterns will never be overwhelming in this color scheme.

Wall decoration can continue on the theme of transparency and lightness: pictures of sailing boats with their white sails against a gray horizon of the ocean and sky in the early morning; photos of beautiful white doves in flight, looking like ballet dancers. There are endless themes that express a sense of effortless movement and transparency in this color scheme, and can be chosen according to your own interests.