Perfect Fireplace Tile Ideas For Stunning Home Décor 33
Perfect Fireplace Tile Ideas For Stunning Home Décor 33

49 Perfect Fireplace Tile Ideas For Stunning Home Décor

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You have several options in creating your own fireplace tile designs. You can tackle it as a do-it-yourself project, buy a ready made kit from a local home ideas shop, or plan a special custom project that you will hire a designer to build for you. You have a myriad of choices!

Tile Fireplace Surround Designs

What kind of materials options are there for your tile fireplace surround design? Don’t worry about having to.

stick with the traditional ceramic tiles only – nowadays there are a multitude of interesting textures and tiles that you can consider for decorating your hearth.

You might opt for travertine, marble, hand-painted stone, brick veneer or even metal tiles to add spice to your fireplace. Or maybe you would like slate mosaic patterns, or possibly a combination of different hues of glass tiles – your unique decor can be customized as much as you like – and the result can be both homey and stunning!

Begin to collect ideas and photos of the most appealing designs from both local and online sources. Keeping your various options in a notebook or folder is a great idea – you can simply flip it open at any time to look back through your favorites and see what has lasting appeal to you.

Consider enlarging the photos and taping them up to your fireplace area (or the place where it will go if you’re getting a new one). This will allow you to see what you think of the colors and patterns from a distance, and envision how it would look with the other decor in your living area.