Stunning Under Stair Garden Ideas 43
Stunning Under Stair Garden Ideas 43

49 Stunning Under Stair Garden Ideas

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If you have a garden flat to let you are at an advantage that your tenants will be able to sit outside and extend their living accommodation in good weather. This accommodation is obviously on the ground floor or, in some cases, in the basement area of a property.

If it is situated in the basement you may have a few problems. The first is that these places are often dark and you should ensure that the property is decorated to maximise brightness. The second is that you will often have to adapt the plumbing for toilets to include a pump to facilitate the removal of effluent.

You should clear all rooms and paint all the available walls white or light cream. You should pay attention to lighting. If your budget allows it, modern spots which are set into the ceiling is a good answer. These you can run off a dimmer switch to adjust brightness according to the weather.

A nice touch in the kitchen would be to have lighting within the storage cupboards or directly underneath them so that bulbs are hidden from view. You should ensure that all available spaces, such as under the stairs have cupboards for storage of household aids such as ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, mops and buckets to minimise clutter.

If you then turn your attention to the furnishing requirements you will be able to glean ideas from the various on line companies that sell living room furniture sets and other packs which will take the guessing out of the overall decor.

Most of these packs contain furniture that is light in colour and unfussy in appearance so that the final look is rather impersonal, but perfect for your tenants to add their own bits and pieces. You should ensure that you do not overdo the furnishings as your tenants will need to be able to move around items in the room with ease.

You should always ensure that the garden is tidy. To avoid high maintenance you may want to install a decking area outside the door leading to the garden on which furniture can be placed. The grassy areas could be filled with gravel on which you can place pots with flowers. This will allow your tenants to do some gardening in the little time they may have after work.

It is also less likely that when your tenants vacate your property that you are left with a virtual jungle. The more attention to detail you have made, the more likely it is that your tenants will want to spend time in keeping things looking as best as possible.