Unique Recycled Pallet Beds Ideas 37
Unique Recycled Pallet Beds Ideas 37

44 Unique Recycled Pallet Beds Ideas

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You have the exciting and yet large task of decorating your bedroom, whether you have recently moved and you want to add your own flair or you need a revamp to your existing bedroom and bedroom furniture.

You do not want to spend a fortune decorating your bedroom and bedroom furniture and you know that you have £x amount of money for the job in hand so how can you create super fantastic results with super little money?

Tips to help you decorate your bedroom and bedroom furniture for a small price

You may be thinking that in order to decorate your bedroom and bedroom furniture for not that much money you need to have a degree in art or be very good at designing and crafts, but this isn’t the case.

Firstly think about your bed. To keep costs down you may think you’ll do without the bed frame and simply put the mattress on the floor. This is doable but keep in mind that this approach is prone to mold due to moisture building between the mattress and the floor.

A cheap and very funky way of creating a bed frame is to use wooden pallets, you can sand these down and varnish them or paint them white and place the mattress on top. Visit your local shops, or if there is a factory near by, and see if they have any spare or would be willing to sell you a couple for a good price. Make sure the pallets are in a clean and reasonable condition.

Bedroom furniture is the next thing that usually takes a big chunk of your money so how can you save costs on this? One way is to visit charity and secondhand shops, they sell some really great pieces of bedroom furniture and for a fraction of the price you pay in the high street.

Another way is to buy low budget bedroom furniture from a high street shop such as a plain pine set of draws and wardrobes and decorate the furniture yourself. You can paint them in a different colour or use stencils to add your own personality to the room.