Classy Christmas Table Decorations Ideas 44
Classy Christmas Table Decorations Ideas 44

47 Classy Christmas Table Decorations Ideas

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With Christmas and the Holiday season approaching fast, now is the time to start thinking about the Christmas day festivities and how you are going to decorate your table for the big day. In this article we will give you some hints and tips for the perfect Christmas table that will wow your family and friends.

Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary you will want to make the Christmas day meal special for your guests and how you decorate the table is a key part of that overall enjoyment.

Colour schemes are very much a matter of taste, so there is no right or wrong decision to be made here. Many people go for the traditional red and green colour scheme, but if you want something a little more sophisticated, then why not consider cooler shades such as silver and white?

Whatever your choice of colour, make sure that your table accessories are coordinated, nothing looks worse that an assortment of clashing colours on a dinner table. This doesn’t mean that everything should be the same colour, in fact contrasting colours add to the overall visual effect. But do make sure that napkins all match and that your cutlery and glasses are matching sets if you want your layout to look its best.

The size of your dining table and the number of guests will of course govern whether your table decorations can be more extravagant or will need to be somewhat more modest. If you have the space, a festive table wreath of holly and pine cones will add a touch of Christmas spirit to the layout or if you have one, a silver candelabra decorated around the base with festive baubles in your chosen colour scheme will set off your table beautifully.

A stylish way to compliment your table is to use slate for your placemats and coasters. The black of the slate will contrast beautifully with a white tablecloth and highlight the dinner plates and serving dishes. Slate table centrepieces are also available in a variety of designs to suit all tastes. They can be used for decorative or practical purposes.

Some examples would be as a base for candles, as a serving platter or as a base for small serving bowls or pepper and salt mills.

In addition a slate cheeseboard makes the ideal base for serving a variety of cheeses as a dessert course at the end of your holiday meal. If you plan on serving cup cakes or pastries, then a slate cake stand is a perfect addition to the table and shows off your confections beautifully.