Cozy Outdoor Christmas Trees Ideas 02
Cozy Outdoor Christmas Trees Ideas 02

49 Cozy Outdoor Christmas Trees Ideas

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The tradition for many is not limiting their decorating for Christmas to their home’s interior but rather spreads out their front door and on to their lawn and gardens. They feel that their outdoor space should appear just as festive as the rest of their home, with lights, lawn ornaments and even inflatable snow globes.

One of the most popular ideas to bring the holidays outdoors is to decorate and light an outdoor Christmas tree. Decorating a living tree can be as much fun as the smaller indoor type and for some families has become a tradition to mark the beginning of the holiday season.

Here is what you’ll need to decorate light and complete your own outdoor Christmas tree;


One of the most important elements to any Christmas tree is the glow of lights. Whether they are colorful, white, blinking or twinkling colorful lights are simply a must-have. When decorating the tree it is important to choose the appropriate lights due to the fact that once hung, many of the lights will be out of reach and hard to replace.

For this reason using a durable string of outdoor LED Christmas lights is ideal. Start by placing your string of lights as high onto your tree as possible and then gradually working your way downward. Once you are satisfied with your light placement and feel that your entire tree is sufficiently covered it is time to move on to your next step, ornaments.

Oversized Ornaments

Since outdoor Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular with each passing season, many seasonal retailers are including oversized, weather resistant ornaments as part of their Christmas merchandise.

When choosing your ornaments make sure that they are completely weatherproof and will not become damaged when left outdoors. Most of the ornaments meant to be placed on trees are made of hard, colored and sturdy plastic and come in many traditional festive shapes such as stars, balls and teardrops.


Once your tree is lit and decorated, it is time to place the finishing touches on, or should we say under your outdoor Christmas tree. You’ll also need to keep scale in mind here so use oversized boxes wrapped in paper of color all of one color or maybe two contrasting colors at the most. Small images will not be seen and will just take away from the crispness a strong red or blue wrapped gift.