Attractive Christmas Balls Ideas 48
Attractive Christmas Balls Ideas 48

48 Attractive Christmas Balls Ideas

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Going through this economic time, it will be a great alternative to make the organic Christmas tree crafts by ourselves, since they are really easy to be created.

The following are some great choices of the Christmas tree crafts that you could make: orange cloves, popcorn ball, stringed cranberries and egg-shell bulbs. And the stuffs needed to make these Christmas ornaments are truly inexpensive.

Orange Cloves

You should avoid using the navel oranges for these craft, because they have a thicker skin and they are also more expensive. Grab a jar of whole cloves, pierce the orange peel, then cluster the cloves as closely as possible.

Enclose the oranges with festive ribbon, and tie it in a loop for hanging on the branches of the Christmas tree. It should be good if you get accompany with Christmas music, since this is a time consuming task.

Popcorn Balls

Hot glue the popped popcorn to the 3 inch Styrofoam ball, and then fill up any open areas with the broken pieces of the popcorn. Push the popcorn tight on the ball without it falling off then press firmly for a while until the popcorn totally adhered to the foam.

Have some glue for putting some small pine cones, ribbon, berries, or holly leaves as Christmas ornaments around the hanger.

Stringed Cranberries

These Christmas tree crafts can be made using a double threaded needle, pierce around a pound of cranberries to get a six foot ornamental string. And then keep them frozen.

Egg-Shell Bulbs

Poke a little hole in the bottom of the egg using a pin, then poke once more a bigger hole in the top of the egg. Get the egg to come out the big hole into a bowl by blowing through the smaller hole, then keep the hollow eggs in an egg carton.

Once you get decent shells, with a sharp scissors cut the holes in the front of the eggs big enough to make it able to place a scene inside. Apply a four-inch pieces of braid or ribbon for for each one of the egg, bend the pieces in half and then stick the ends by the bigger hole at the top of the eggs. Glue it into place and get it dry overnight.