Attractive Coastal Stairs Ideas For Your Home This Winter 37
Attractive Coastal Stairs Ideas For Your Home This Winter 37

49 Attractive Coastal Stairs ideas For Your Home This Winter

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There are countless themes of French furniture you can decorate your house with, most certainly the most familiar being the Louis style of furniture with outsized grand, opulent pieces of furniture through the home. This is a very popular choice, but many people prefer a more unfussy, less ornate style to decorate their home with.

A not so popular French style of furniture to adorn your home with is the French Coastal stylish theme. This is a much undemanding theme with less muddle and minimal straight edges in the furniture with a snug, tranquil feel.

Think of the many small coastal towns in Brittany and Normandy on the North and North West coast of France and what do you immediately imagine. Quimper, Saint Malo and Brest being perfect examples

Yes, French relaxing in the street cafes with the holidaying French enjoying family time and their café, while further along the coast, the mile soft white sand dunes with driftwood washed up from across the ocean, the windswept rickety fences, greyed by the effects of the invigorating sea air.

This style of decorating can easily be done in the home by combining white pieces of furniture with other pieces with a natural finish to deliver the driftwood effect. A distressed finishing to furniture pieces will convey the well worn sea air effect and offer greater charm. It is important that these are simple pieces of furniture, with little complex detail.

The relaxing style of the French coastal theme can be carried throughout your house, from downstairs in the living areas to include white distressed and natural wood lamp and console tables with grey baskets filled with cosy blankets to wrap up under on the cold coast evenings, the grey driftwood baskets and accessories will further authorise the coastal driftwood theme. Add minimal rustic accessories and perhaps some chrome candle holders to add a touch of the French elegance.

Up stairs to the most vital room in the house, the bedroom, where it is essential this offers a relaxing, calming mood after a long. White bedside cabinets with a white dressing table will give the uncluttered look white offering a space to sit down and relax, but also providing essential storage. White bedding and soft furnishings will definitely give you the critical area you need to clear the mind. Airy white voile curtains will let the maximum amount of light into the room, while creating some of the famous French romance.