Best Front Yard Halloween Decoration Ideas 01
Best Front Yard Halloween Decoration Ideas 01

49 Best Front Yard Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Some communities are rather dull and drab during the holidays, while others go all out and decorate with style. This occurs at Halloween time as well as other holidays. Here are some easy ideas I have seen over the years that will transform your yard on October 31st:

Jack-O-Lanterns – These are still the best yard decorations, as they can be done by adults and children together. Kids love scooping out all that goopy mess inside, while adults like the illuminated finished product. Don’t forget to go online and look for cut-out stencils. Instead of carving out a face this year, you can carve a hissing black cat with his back arched or a witch in front of a moon.

Cardboard Cut-Out Headstones – These are so simple! All you have to do is cut out headstone shapes from an old box and paint them with a glittery or flat gray paint. If you want to get really crafty, you can add names of friends you are sure will be stopping by to the stones, along with a rhyming cause of death. The popular example I remember goes: “Here lies good ol’ Fred. A great big rock fell on his head.” Not only will they make the yard look great, but they will be a conversation piece, as well.

Hanging Bats and Spiders – Craft stores everywhere carry plastic bats and spiders during the Halloween season. If you have trees in your front yard anywhere, hang these decorations all over them with clear fishing line. You can add an extra touch to the spiders by putting a bunch of the spider web decorations in the tree branches along with the spiders. You can also find strings of bat and spider lights, which are exactly like Christmas lights. These make fun additions to your decoration repertoire.

Illumination Bags – Not only are these great decorations, but they keep the trick-or-treaters safe. Bags with little lights or candles inside will light the way to your front yard, helping the eager kids avoid falls. Look for safe instructions to make your own or buy them in bulk to line your driveway and sidewalk.