Excellent Homemade Valentines Decorations Ideas 39
Excellent Homemade Valentines Decorations Ideas 39

50 Excellent Homemade Valentines Decorations Ideas

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Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? It’s almost here! But it can be such an expensive day .. candy, flowers, cards. Why not show a little creativity and make homemade valentines this year? In the process, you’ll have some fun and spend less money.

Here are 4 ideas for making homemade valentines, both quickly and inexpensively.

1. If you have a computer, the kids can make their own homemade valentines easily. With either Photoshop or any other card-making software, it can be a fun project for your kids to do alone if they’re old enough or with your help if they’re still young. And even if you have to buy the software now, you can use it over and over again for different occasions.

2. Another idea is to create your own homemade valentine wreath for your door. Using red fabric, cut out several heart shapes. Sew two pieces of fabric together and stuff with newspaper or polyester fiberfill, whatever you have on hand. You can make the hearts of different sizes and then make a larger one for the middle. Use either all the same fabric or combine different textures, designs, or even throw in some pink or white to enhance the look. Bend some wire into a circle, place the larger heart in the center and glue the smaller ones around the circle. Voila!

3. You could also make a gift basket for your valentines homemade gifts. Simply fill a basket with homemade cookies decorated with red icing. Throw a few Valentine’s Hershey’s kisses in the basket (the ones in red foil) and give it to a neighbor who has no family and no one to get homemade valentines day gifts from.

4. And for your sweetie, raid your children’s art supplies and take some red construction paper and cut out a heart. For this special homemade valentines gift, just write your heartfelt sentiment on it. Then decorate with glue and glitter or sparkles and hang it on the bedroom door for your spouse to see.