Cool French Country Dining Room Table Decoration Ideas 38
Cool French Country Dining Room Table Decoration Ideas 38

45 Cool French Country Dining Room Table Decoration Ideas

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Because of their dramatic coloring and beautiful shape, roosters are a popular decorating motif often used in the country style. Even though this design is great in kitchens, it is time was expanded on. Try implementing a rooster design in your dining room.

When you choose a design like roosters with a very strong motif, remember that it is easy to overdo it, so try to use the icon sparingly in a few places around the room. Then pull together the look with colors and textures taken from the pieces using them as your inspiration.

Setting the Table 
A centerpiece is a must for laying a beautiful table, so try a colorful ceramic rooster in the center of your table. You may even find one designed one to hold flowers or a rooster bowl to put fruit or rolls in. When choosing table linens, napkins, and a table runner, use the colors found in the rooster or complementary ones.

If you want to have a rooster on your napkins or china, then it should be tasteful rather than garish or cartoonish. Watercolor type sketches or a rich oil painting on your china or delicate embroidery on your napkins are good choices.

Do not use all patterned dishes. Break it up with some solid pieces, such as serving bowls and platters and solid chargers underneath the patterned china. If you are looking for something different than the traditional rooster theme, try colors like sage green and cerulean blue with a cream rooster.

The theme should not end at the dining room table though. Continue it on other pieces of furniture like a buffet, sideboard, hutch, or chairs. If you are looking for an old world feel, use toile with a rooster theme. You can create a centerpiece on a sideboard with a rooster tea set on a platter. If your hutch has windows or open shelves, then display old china with a rooster theme or maybe a realistic looking fake rooster. You can also use a wrought dinner bell with a rooster image.

The Right Wall Art for You 
Do not neglect your walls when decorating the room. Wall art is a very important accessory so choose carefully. Here are some pieces you may want to try. Hang a rooster themed tapestry on one wall. It will create an instant statement and set the mood as soon as a person walks into the room. Metal wall art can be country or contemporary. Sleek lines, steel, and simple or abstract shapes will update any room. Antique or burnished metal lends itself to the country style.

You can also use a wall clock to further the rooster theme. Blue and white porcelain will go with a classy French country theme while rough distressed wood is more farm style. If you are into contemporary pieces, then try a chrome clock in the shape of a rooster.

Stained glass windows are reminiscent of cathedrals and tradition. A stained glass window with a rooster motif or simply including the colors of your theme will fit well in a country theme; however, it will not mix well with contemporary room.

If you do not have a hutch to display rooster dishes or do not want to hide them behind glass, try hanging them on the wall in a row. A composition of odd numbers, such as three or five, looks more natural than even numbered compositions.

Floor Space
You will be amazed at the styles of rugs you will find that incorporates the rooster motif. There is everything from American colonial to French country to modern. If you are looking for a more subtle rug then pick one with the colors from your inspiration piece.

If you decide not to go with a rug, try stenciling or painting a design on a wooden floor. Painting it a solid color and distressing the floor lends itself to a contemporary or country design. A checkered color with a rooster motif is definitely country and will not match a modern room.