Luxury Bedroom Design And Decorating Ideas 19
Luxury Bedroom Design And Decorating Ideas 19

43 Luxury Bedroom Design And Decorating Ideas

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Home decoration is an interesting topic. Lets take in to consideration Bedroom decoration. How do you want to decorate your bedroom? What is the BEST possible way to decorate your bedroom? What are the primary items in your bedroom? Following is the list of few of the items.

-Queen size bed
-Bed mattress
-Side tables
-Entertainment center
-Study table
-Book shelves

What can be the best arrangement you would consider while decorating your bedroom? You would begin thinking, where would the larger furniture fit in your bedroom?

The best choice would be placing the length of the bed parallel to the longest side of the wall. You would want to place Bed in the center of your room. Make sure you have sufficient room around the four sides of the bed, so that it is easy to change the mattresses.

Next, you would want to place the side tables on either sides of the bed. You can place night lamps on the side tables. You can place the entertainment center, aligned to opposite wall. You can have wall mounted book shelve on the side of entertainment center.

A study table can easily fit under the book shelve. You can also fix a wall mounted lighting, with dimmers. You can choose carpet or wooden flooring. You can think of using the best combination of lighting arrangements for your bedroom.