Charming Pool Lounge Chairs Design Ideas 29
Charming Pool Lounge Chairs Design Ideas 29

31 Charming Pool Lounge Chairs Design Ideas

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Part of getting pool lounge chairs is taking care of them since it is only with regular chairs will you be able to maintain their beauty.

Got teak pool chairs?

Here are some things for you to know regarding maintaining your set:

  • Teak furniture originally has honey-colored wood but it develops a soft gray patina when allowed to naturally weather. Deciding on whether you want to keep the original honey color or not is an important factor in taking care of teak pool lounge chairs since this will dictate what sort of maintenance routine you will be employing.
  • If you want to keep the original honey color, you’re going to have to continually seal your teak lounge chairs to protect the wood from weathering so that the color does not fade.
  • To clean teak furniture, all you generally need is a 2:1 ratio of laundry detergent and water, or you can follow what some manufacturers suggest as cleaners. Whatever cleaning aid you’re using, just get a soft bristle brush and brush away.
  • After washing, don’t forget to thoroughly rinse your outdoor lounge chairs to remove remaining dirt or soap suds. Washing with soap and water is all you need when it comes to helping your teak furniture naturally get a patina.
  • Got patina on your chaise lounge chairs you want to remove? You can easily restore your furniture to its original finish by using commercial cleaners and light sanding.
  • Teak is ideal for pool lounge chairs since the wood has natural oils that seal out water so no need to use water sealants. However, do always be on the lookout for water pooling around your outdoor furniture.
  • Ketchup, oily food, and some beverages can stain teak furniture so you might want to consider using protective coating on teak furniture that you will be surely using around food.

Teak is just one of the many kinds of material you can use for pool lounge chairs. Whatever you opt for anyway, the important thing is to find pieces that will address your needs. If you’re furnishing a big property, buy in bulk so you can enjoy discounts.

You can also take advantage of extra savings by going to furniture stores with warehouse offices. If you can’t find the pieces you’re looking for exactly, you can opt to have them custom-made. Whatever your needs are, getting a furniture store that addresses these needs will surely make buying pool furniture way easier for you.