Fascinating Powder Room Decoating Ideas 35
Fascinating Powder Room Decoating Ideas 35

36 Fascinating Powder Room Decoating Ideas

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Powder rooms: the very words conjure up images of ladies powdering their noses and touching up their lipstick. While this may be the image that comes to mind, it doesn’t have much to do with what the term really means. While it might provide a convenient place for a woman to retouch her makeup, it’s technically a half-bath, or a room with a toilet and sink, but no bathtub or shower.

They’re typically located on the first floor of a home and are the restrooms most often used by guests. These rooms are small by nature, and that brings up a common issue with these rooms: how to make a big impact in a small space.

Here’s an interesting fact about powder rooms; making a big impact in a small space could be as simple as the items in the room. You can accent a powder room in a variety of ways: you can add some shelving or a cabinet over the toilet to hold supplies such as extra toilet paper, soap, and linens. You can accent the room with small, decorative touches to give people something to look at: an antique mirror, a bud vase with fresh flowers, or an interesting painting.

Another fact about powder rooms; making a big impact in a small space can also be a matter of decorating. Using a lighter paint can make a room seem bigger, as can the use of mirrors. Using a pedestal sink instead of a cabinet with a sink in it can make a room feel less cluttered.

But just because a room is small doesn’t mean that it can’t have any impact. You can use interesting wallpaper in your powder room to give it a little personality. You can splurge a little more on the tile in a powder, since it’s such a small space.

If you can only take away one thing, take away this fact about powder rooms; making a big impact in a small space is only limited by your imagination. There are really endless possibilities for making your powder room a sanctuary for your guests.

From fragrant candles to a trendy wallpaper design, there are various ways to make your visitors’ short stop in your powder room a pleasant and memorable one. Just because it’s a small space doesn’t mean that it’s insignificant. By marrying form with function in your powder room, you can create a space that’s both convenient and beautiful in your¬†Woodfield Country Club¬†in Boca Raton home.