Elegant Exterior Design Ideas With Beautiful Flowers 03
Elegant Exterior Design Ideas With Beautiful Flowers 03

37 Elegant Exterior Design Ideas With Beautiful Flowers

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Blooms are always a good idea to sweep a girl of her feet. It doesn’t matter whether you’re intended is a tough, independent wall street broker or a soft spoken pre-school teacher, you’ll surely melt her heart.

The traditional way of giving flowers still does work, but if you’re a guy looking for ways to be creative in the flower-giving department, here are some ways you could make it fascinating.

Give her roses, but make it more interesting by learning how to make a salad with rose petals, or even rose tea. Make it in front of her, she might not want to eat or drink everything, but she’ll be a whole lot impressed.

If your girl is allergic to pollen from flowers, buy flower-shaped candies. Put them in a bouquet too.

Got a green thumb? Grow her some real flowers yourself. It does take time but she’ll surely appreciate the effort you put in it.

Don’t know what her favorite flower is? Collect as many different varieties of flowers you can find, or buy. The more, the merrier.

Get ice cream cones and make bouquets of little flowers to put in them. Really mushy, really corny, and would make her swoon 100%!

Want something bigger? Find a pool and float flowers in it. While you’re at it, put in floating candles too, and swans….

It’s not bad to be creative when giving flowers. It will show your girl that under that tough hunter exterior of yours, she’ll find a sensitive guy she can always find romance in.