Elegant Art Home Decor Ideas To Copy Now 07
Elegant Art Home Decor Ideas To Copy Now 07

38 Elegant Art Home Decor Ideas To Copy Now

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If you want an elegant and royal look in your home, you are not alone. More people are finding that European decor is not only trendy but stylish as well. With a completed look, you can have a nice royal feel to your home. Everyone who enters the home will notice that you have added a wonderful touch to your decor.

One style in particular, the Venetian style, is a great theme to try with the European decor. It adds simple Italian style to any room in your home, from the living room to the bedroom. Keep the room decor elegant when you use the decor.

Start this look off with a Venetian clock. You can purchase these clocks online or at a Venetian store while you are traveling. These clocks look great on the mantel as it displays the gold tones you hardly see in clocks anymore. If you don’t have a Venetian style clock, you want to go with artwork that can hang above the mantel.

A fireplace can also be a part of your decor, especially if you already use it. A usable fireplace is one of the main decors in Venetian decor as well as other European decor. Accent the fireplace with anything gold and wrought iron to catch the fire dancing in its reflections. Open it up and allow your fire to burn where everyone can see it, don’t hide it behind glass.

Floors should be done in extravagant modern area rugs. Keep the pile short and choose rugs that display Italian colors, which are bold. Floral rugs are also a great way to incorporate color and style in your decor. Area rugs are a big part of extravagant decors and they allow you to change the look whenever you want. Floors don’t need to be carpeted throughout, just make sure that they are clean and clutter free.

Lighting should be simple. You want an elegant decor but you also need enough lighting in the room to create a warm and inviting look. Candles are great for this look. Candle sconces in wrought iron are also a great way to get a sophisticated look in your room.

Walls should be kept simple and not cluttered. If you display art, only have the art on the walls. It will not need to be accessorized to complete the look. Art usually hangs above the sofa in order to complete the look. Small walls can have simple decor on them such as candle sconces or wicker fans.

Decorate tables with silver. Not only is silver shiny but it makes an elegant look even more elegant. If you want to create an elegant look, you will need silver. You will need to take care of the silver and keep it polished but you can do it. You can purchase silver candle holders, picture frames, and more.