Vintage Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Must Try 33
Vintage Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Must Try 33

35 Vintage Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Must Try

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Mediterranean-style gardens, like those in Tuscany, are gaining popularity in the Washington area. Not only are they beautiful to look at, the warm colors of a Tuscan style garden can also bring a unique touch to a North American home.

You can create a Tuscan garden, no matter the size of your backyard. Obviously, if you have a large backyard, there are more options available to you. But even if your yard is small, there are several ways to turn it into a Mediterranean style haven. Here are a few design ideas to make your garden stand out.

If you don’t already have a footpath or walkway, consider adding one. Concrete is the most versatile material you can use, with many options for adding texture and color. Terra cotta tiles are one of the most popular items of a Tuscan garden, and can be replicated relatively cheaply through the use of decorative concrete. You can also consider restoration of an existing concrete walkway, using resurfacing techniques.

A Mediterranean style fountain is a great center point for a Tuscan garden. Items such as pots and statues can also be added for great effect. Try to match the color and style of each item that you place around your garden.

If your garden is quite small, adding a mirror can make it look larger. Framed mirrors are a beautiful addition, but make sure the frame you choose matches the overall theme.Also consider looking through different antique shops for a vintage-style mirror.

Brightly colored flowers are key to a Tuscan setting. Try planting flowers with vibrant red, orange and yellow colors. Contrasting dark and light green foliage also works well. Try to use only a handful of different plants, and place them in groups around your garden.

In addition to the flowers and plants already in your garden, potted plants can be a great addition. Vines can also be used effectively along walls or fences. A wooden bench or two allows yourself or visitors to relax in the garden, and weaving some vines around it can be a nice, subtle effect.

If possible, paint the back of your house to match your garden style. Cream or light orange colors work well. It’s best to call in professional help if you’re unsure of what color palette to use. There are so many resources for inspiration when planning your Tuscan garden design. Books and websites offer extremely helpful tips. Talking to a landscaper is also beneficial. If you decide to use concrete resurfacing, speak to a decorative concrete contractor. They will be able to give you helpful advice, as well as tell you if any repair needs to be done.