Spectacular Gate Design Ideas That You Can Copy Right Now In Your Home 27
Spectacular Gate Design Ideas That You Can Copy Right Now In Your Home 27

37 Spectacular Gate Design Ideas That You Can Copy Right Now In Your Home

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There are so many reasons why you need a secure and durable gate added to your fencing design. Obviously the main reason is you want easy access in and out of your property, while keeping children secure, but allowing for convenience.

Choosing a cedar fence gate isn’t as daunting as you may have thought, in fact there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself, ensure the options you are looking at tick your boxes and most important, the gate style should match your overall fencing style, ensuring the two work in harmony together to create a visually appealing finish to your home.

The first question you should ask yourself is why you want a cedar fence gate. Are you placing this item in your front or back yard, is it for easy access or is it for vehicle access. These are important factors to take into consideration which will determine the style, size and overall finish of your new entry.

What do you expect to fit through the new cedar fence gate? This may sound like a strange questions, but are you placing it in the front yard to provide easy access for you, family and friends? Are you installing a gate to provide you with ease vehicle access into your yard so your vehicle will be secure overnight? Obviously how you answer this question will play a big impact on the size and style of the gate you will need to meet your specific requirements.

Next ask yourself how big you expect your gate to be if you ever move. Will this specific gate be the one responsible for moving furniture in and out? Do you have another bigger entry which will accommodate this?

What about if you ever have renovations done to your property? Will this be the main entry way in and out of the property for the workers and all their equipment? These may sound like silly questions to ask yourself right now as you don’t know what the future holds, but at the same time, they are important questions to ask, ensuring you are never left in a situation where access is difficult.

If you choose a small entry way for people and pets only and in a few months’ time you decide to buy a new sofa, how are the delivery team going to get the sofa into the home if the small gate is the only entry into the home?

If you place your fencing away from the road and your new cedar fence gate opens onto the street and lawn, the lawn which you are responsible for. You need to ensure that the space is wide enough to fit your lawn mower, otherwise you’re going to find yourself trying to lift your lawn mower over the fence to keep the outside boundary of your property neat and tidy.

The great news is that cedar fence gates range in size from small three inch designs to large twelve inch or more styles. You are in complete control of what you want to install based on your particular requirements. Each homeowner has their own questions they need to ask themselves and their own style choices based on their own unique circumstances, ensure you are completely satisfied before placing an order and having your new cedar fence gate delivered.

Don’t rush into a decision. Take your time, take plenty of measurements and then choose a size and style based on your current fencing design. If you have a beautiful white picket fence, you obviously want your new entry to match this, working together to create a spectacular finish to your home.